RARA Studio


RARA: (Spanish word). 1. adj. That behaves in an unusual way.||  2. adj. Extraordinary, uncommon, or not frequent.||  3. adj. Unique in its class or species.||  4. adj. Famous, outstanding or excellent in its lineage. ||  5. adj. Extravagant of genius or behaviour, and prone to stand out.||  6. adj. Said mainly of a rarified gas: that has little density and consistency.


 RaRa Studio is a cooperative owned and run by women, creating unique leather accessories with passion and dedication. We love crafting sentimental treasures that are as pleasurable to wear as they are beautiful to behold, and can be cherished for life. Our designs take inspiration from animals and nature, and from our founder’s roots in Argentina, where she absorbed her mother’s flair for arts and crafts and colour. Through our products, we seek to empower young creatives, while maintaining fair trade and environmentally sustainable practices. We use vegetable-tanned leather and waxed threads produced locally.