About Us

Our products are designed and produced by Rara Studio, a women owned and run cooperative that creates unique leather shoes, clothing and accessories with passion, dedication and love.

Constantly learning and growing, we seek to empower women, maintain fair trade principles and operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The designs take inspiration from animals, nature, fables and fairy tales, and are as much conversation pieces as they are statements of fashion identity. 

We seek to create objects that are as pleasurable to use as they are to behold.

We use local materials, vegetables tanned leathers, sustainable animal skins and waxed threads which we purchase locally. We also employ local artisans to assist in the production process. Supporting RaRa is, therefore, supporting an independent producer and the local economy.

We create a sentimental object which can be cherished for life.

Made by hand and with love,

Rara Studio