Rara Studio founder started producing unique leather baby shoes, wanting to create something to celebrate her passion for children, and the imagination and creativity of her childhood home in Argentina. Then she chanced upon the perfect word to name these adorable specimens: oulik. Conveying almost breathtaking sense of tenderness we feel for those little ones in our lives, this Afrikaans word captures perfectly both the essence of the brand and the feel of its products.



 Our Workmanship Standards


We are passionate about sharing our process of discovery and creation through our products. All our baby shoes are 100% hand crafted with care and precision, and we pride ourselves in our finely detailed work of impeccable quality. All our materials are carefully selected, finely cut, dyed, hand punched, stitched and assembled with attention to detail. Our desire is not to mimic factory production, but to hand over products that put a smile on the customer’s face.

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